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Personalized Recovery Plan

At Mainstreet Medical Centers, we recognize that every patient who steps through our doors has a unique story. We know and understand that addiction treatment is never a one-size fits all approach, which is why we engage in Personalized Recovery Plan that considers your emotional, medical, and social lifestyle needs. It all begins with a comprehensive exam that allows us to really get to know you, your medical background and social environment.. Our Doctors can then work with you to decide on a treatment plan that will work best for you.
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Encouraging, Non-Judgmental Approach

Seeking addiction treatment is a courageous decision, and we have the utmost respect for every one of our patients who are working to improve their health and their life. From the first phone call, you will receive our support for your decision to find the help you need, and our staff looks forward to welcoming you into our comfortable and safe office for confidential treatment. We believe not just in providing you a prescription, but in offering a total support system that help you attain a much better lifestyle. Our goal is to put you first through the process.
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It's our community

Mainstreet Medical Centers is proud to serve the Tampa area, and we have a strong connection to the community that benefits our patients. We have great outreach to massage spa, in-patient treatment centers, mentor program, group discussion therapy and even pharmacies in the area. So, if you do need further medical care and/or support system, we know who to call for confidential and effective treatment. Your sobriety, our goal and you will always have the support you need from Mainstreet Medical Centers
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Your Sobriety, Our Goal

When it comes to addiction treatment, one of the most important parts of your recovery is stability. At Mainstreet Medical Centers combines our compassionate treatment program is forever with consistent. You will always know that someone is here for you when you need us, and your treatment will be on a stable schedule that will help you not just get healthier, but also channel toward a better quality of life.

Medical Experience

Our staff are experts in their field and our doctors are Buprenorphine certified. With years of medical experience behind them, they ensure you are safe and comfortable during your treatment for a long-lasting recovery.

Confidential & Individualized Plan to Recovery

At Tampa Suboxone Clinic, we will treat you with respect and uphold your privacy to help you get the addiction treatment you need.

Convenient Location

We are proud to be a part of the Tampa community. You can find us easily at the corner of North Florida Ave and 109th St.

What is Suboxone®?

Suboxone® medication is FDA approved for the treatment of addiction. In a ratio of 4:1, this medication contains the ingredients Buprenorphine and Naloxone. They work together to block the opioid from activating receptors in the brain and prevent the opioid from affecting the mind. Suboxone creates a more comfortable recovery experience by mitigating withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

At Tampa Suboxone Clinic, we offer Suboxone and other Buprenorphine medications in our addiction treatment programs. After our comprehensive exam, your Tampa Suboxone doctor will help you determine which medication is right for you.


LUCEMYRA® is a non-opioid prescription medicine used in adults to help with the symptoms of opioid withdrawal that may happen when you stop taking an opioid suddenly.

LUCEMYRA® will not completely prevent the symptoms of opioid withdrawal and is not a treatment for opioid use disorder.

LUCEMYRA® is not a treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), which is also called opioid addiction. If you have been diagnosed with OUD, your healthcare provider may prescribe LUCEMYRA as part of a complete treatment program for your OUD. This program continues after LUCEMYRA treatment is completed and may also include maintenance medications combined with behavioral counseling.